FANA Concentrated Flavour Third part Lab Analysis Certifications

Labs tests performed by Enthalpy Analytical, Inc and have certified that to the best of their knowledge all analytical data
presented in these reports: •  Have been checked for completeness  •  Are accurate, error-free, and legible

•  Have been conducted in accordance with approved protocol, and that all deviations and analytical problems are

summarized. Each analytical report was prepared in a Portable Document Format (.PDF) and contain 1 page only.

FlavourArt is proud to be the first flavour company in North America to publicize Enthalpy testing results. We are committed to professionalism, community support, advocacy and research towards the betterment of the vaping industry. This is our third

party lab analysis of our complete North American flavour compendium conducted by Enthalpy Labs in June/July of 2015.


We welcome you to review our Certificates of Analysis from our first batch shipment

using the dropdown menu provided below.

These reports prepared by Enthalpy Analytical, Inc. have been made available for your review in the interests of full disclosure on our 132 flavours that are currently available.


Please note that our flavours are highly concentrated and in most cases require only 1-3% per flavour used. This means our detection levels are much higher than our competitors and that upon dilution anything detected will be divided into a much smaller numbers.


The head PHD at Enthalpy was quoted as saying that our results are "amazing”, however

we are never satisfied and continue to work at making safer aromatic flavours for eliquid use.


Please watch for news of the public release of information regarding our Flavour Art Clear Stream Onward research this September 2015. This will move us another decade ahead of others in knowledge and assurance in long term understanding of health affects of our flavours used for inhalation in vaping.



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Third party testing performed by: